University of Northumbria, MSc


International background and experience of working in the United Kingdom and New Zealand with organisations ranging from government level to educational institutions, supported many people in achieving their goals.

Next to MSc and BBA degrees also a Certificate in English Language Teaching (Teaching English as a Foreign Language & Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

企業外派課程: 龍大昌精密工業企業外訓 – 商用、職場會話

老爺酒店企業外訓 – 飯店英文




By means of a positive attitude and lots of interaction between the teacher and students, I believe students will enjoy learning a foreign language.

Through regular practice and review, students will develop their language skills and become more confident using English.

In order to efficiently learn a foreign language, I feel it is fundamental to create a supportive and comfortable learning environment where students can improve their ability of communicating in English.