Here are 10 things successful people do during their lunch hours:


1. They plan their day with lunch in mind. They never schedule important meetings or conference calls right at lunchtime, and they typically block off at least 10 minutes of free time after lunch to reassess their goals for the day and shift priorities around, Kerr says.

1. 他們會利用午餐時間思考一天的計劃。他們從來不會在午餐時間安排重要的會面或者會議。吃完午飯後,他們通常會單獨呆上至少10分鐘,重新審視一天的目標,調整工作重點。

2. They network. Try and set a goal to have lunch with a different person in your office or network at least once a week. You are guaranteed to learn something new about your organization or industry, and may even make some new mentors and friends in the process.

2. 他們會參與社交。試著確定一個目標,在午餐的時候,與不同的人在辦公室就餐,或者每周至少一次進行此類社交活動。你會從中了解到公司或行業最新的動態,而且在這個過程中你還可能結識新的良師益友。

3. They get organized. Take advantage of this short break from work by making a to-do list for your personal life — or even to cross a few items off that list. Feeling like things are in control and organized in your life outside of work will free up mental energy and reduce stress levels to perform better professionally.

3. 他們會制定計劃。“利用這段短暫的休息時間為自己的私人生活制定一個計劃,或者將計劃單上一些事項去掉。這樣會讓人感覺事情是可控的,自己工作以外的生活也是很有計劃的。這樣人的精神得到放松,壓力減輕,工作起來也得心應手。

4. They take the time to eat. They eat healthy, and eat mindfully. Not being mindful leads to poor dietary choices such as eating too fast or eating junk food, which not only affects your health in the long run, but also affects your stress level and ability to focus in the afternoon.

4. 他們會花時間在飲食上。吃飯的時候,成功人士會註重飲食的健康,也願意為此花費心思。不註意飲食習慣,比如吃飯過快,或食用垃圾食品,會長期影響你的身體健康,也會讓自己產生壓力,影響下午工作的注意力。

5. They reflect on their morning. Lunch is the ideal time to evaluate the progress you’ve made. If you have had a difficult morning, then remind yourself that you can hit the reset button over lunch and head into the afternoon with a positive attitude.

5. 他們會對早上進行反思。午餐時間非常有利於評價自己所取得的進步。如果早上過的不太順利,午餐的時候提醒自己要按下重置鍵了,以積極的態度應對下午的工作。

6. They read. Successful people don’t spend their lunch hour reading emails and reports. They catch up on newspapers, blogs, and books.

6. 他們會讀書。成功人士不會在午餐的時間處理電郵和報告。他們會抓緊時間讀報紙、博客和書。

7. They accomplish personal tasks. Successful people might run errands during their lunch hour, which they would not otherwise be able to take care of during the day. They also use this time to make personal calls, schedule appointments, write thank you notes, and achieve any other tasks from their personal to-do list.

7. 他們會完成私人事情。成功人士會在午餐的時間處理自己的雜事,這些事他們可能無法在一天內其他時間處理。他們還會利用這段時間來打一些私人電話,安排私人約會,寫感謝便條,或者完成在待辦事項上其他的一些事情。

8. They unplug and recharge. Use your lunch hour to recharge by shutting off electronics and enjoying some peace and quiet.

8. 他們會遠離人群,重新充電。利用自己的午餐時間“充電”,關掉電子設備,享受一些平和安靜。

9. They spend time on career planning. During your lunch hour, take a few minutes to think about and write down what you want your professional future to look like, Kurow says. “Successful people rarely have time in the office to do this. Take a notebook, and find a place to journal your thoughts. ”

9. 他們會花時間進行職業規劃。午餐時間,花幾分鐘思考並寫下自己的職業願景。成功人士很少在辦公的時候花時間做這些事情。找出筆記本,找個地方記錄下自己的想法。

10. They brainstorm. Successful people use this time to dream of new concepts, ideas, and solutions that can be applied to their professional and/or personal lives.

10. 他們會進行頭腦風暴。成功人士會利用這段時間天馬行空想出新的概念,想法,以及方案。這些想法、概念和方案可以應用到他們的職業或私人生活中去。